ChelPipe Group’s Pipes recognized as Nanotechnology Products

Seven kinds of ChelPipe’s oil and gas line pipes with nanoparticles in the weld, have been awarded with the Badge Russian Nanotechnology Product. The awarding ceremony took place at IV Congress of Nanoindustry Companies in Moscow. The certificate and badge of distinction was awarded by Anatoly Chubais, Head of state-run RUSNANO corporation.

Pipes dia. 508-1420 mm for oil and gas pipelines are produced with ChelPipe’s proprietary technology. The company experts succeeded in obtaining nano-sized particles in pipe welds through selection of welding materials and special welding techniques, which is confirmed by RUSNANO’s certification body — Nanocertifica. Upon request of RUSNANO, ChelPipe’s nanotechnology products were tested by the St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

“The Badge of Distinction Russian Nanotechnology Product proves the innovation and high quality of ChelPipe products. Nanoparticles enhance the reliability of a weld, which is of special importance in harsh climatic operation of large-bore pipes, in pipelaying across permafrost terrains, seabeds, in earthquake zones,” says Aleksandr Grubman, General Director, ChelPipe Group. “It is a real appreciation of white metallurgist’s products, acknowledgment of the fact that the Group fabricates pipes that meet modern Russian and international standards”.