OMK to set up center for strategic projects

United Metallurgical Company (OMK Joint Stock Company, based in Moscow) will establish its own Center for Strategic Projects. The new division will focus on enabling OMK factories to launch new products, create and promote complex solutions in line with corporate strategy, implement import replacement programs, and enter new markets (including foreign ones). The Center’s functions will include planning and supervising inter-division projects, from drafting business models to organizing serial production.

The center will be based at Trubodetal factory (Trubodetal Joint Stock Company, part of OMK) in Chelyabinsk. The Engineering and Technology Center headquartered in Ufa will also be part of the center. A total of 30 employees will work for the center in Chelyabinsk, Vyksa, Ufa, and Moscow. Igor Voronin, who formerly headed OMK’s pipeline fittings and valves division, has been appointed the director of the center.

“We are facing a strategic task of providing comprehensive and competitive solutions for the oil and gas companies using our entire product range. OMK factories can supply improved quality pipes, pipeline fittings and valves to its clients, namely within the import replacement program. The new center will facilitate designing and launching the most important and promising kinds of items for comprehensive deliveries. Igor Voronin was successful in developing production, launching and promoting new items made at Trubodetal as the director of the pipeline fittings and valves division. Now, being at the helm of the new center, he will focus on the task of fulfilling the needs of our strategic clients in a complete and timely manner at all the company’s factories operating in Russia,” said OMK President Vladimir Markin, commenting on the new establishment.

The pipeline fittings and valves division is eliminated. The managers of Trubodetal and Blagoveshchensk Valves Plant will report directly to the OMK President. Igor Voronin will also continue working as a Deputy of the Council of Deputies in Chelyabinsk’s Soviet District.